August 4, 2012
Things More Embarrassing Than a Bird Shitting on Your Head

This is a wonderful piece of writing a friend pointed me to over at the Hairpin last week.

Yesterday, you had a bird open up his ass on your head. Rude! And disgusting. This has never happened to you before, ever, and you hope it never again does, until the end of time. Like a normal human being, after this happened, and after you went running back to work to wash up before making the half-hour walk home, you immediately thought to yourself, “What could be more embarrassing than this?”

Natalie Bell’s post is funny, lovely, and poignant, and it goes somewhere totally unexpected and totally honest. This is the truth about writing:

The only stories worth reading are the ones that are honest. Honest stories are sometimes stories that shouldn’t be written. The fact that they are is what makes them special.” 

Read this piece. You won’t be sorry.

June 5, 2012
"Extremely excellent blog post. Document only happened at your current weblog and additionally needed to talk about i need truly loved studying your own website articles. Then again I will come to be following for the wesite and additionally Hopefully you will write once again immediately."

Just got this quote on my article “Legislating Holy Scripture in Ohio,” posted 5/24 at The Revealer.

Thank you sir, I WILL write once again immediately.

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