June 18, 2012
34 Years to Find a Mormon Voice

Amy Levin for The Revealer! It’s already attracted one great comment:

"God bless America and mitt romney. Save the constitution and america"

This must be worth reading!

We hear about the black vote, we hear about the Mormon vote, but we seldom-to-never hear about the black Mormon vote (or black Mormons at all, for that matter). In fact, when it comes to presidential politics, most of us can’t even read the word Mormon without Mitt Romney’s branded-white, male face suddenly appearing, side smirk and all. Despite the Mormon church’s efforts to diversify and “disrupt the dominant image of young white males riding bikes and knocking on doors” with examples like the “I’m a Mormon” campaign and the “Meet Mormons” website, this image of the white, heterosexual, Romney-voting Mormon tends to hover in our dim and narrow collective (voter) imagination.

Read the full article here.

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